Issue 1 - May 2018

Editor's Note

As I've built this inaugural issue, I marveled every step of the way at the writing we've received from around the globe, at the range of perspectives we've been privileged to read. We want to express our gratitude to everyone who submitted. I've marveled, too, at the work being done by our young editorial staff, at the respect and love shown as they made their choices, at the commitment of these editors, as well as the energy and passion shown by our K'interns,  Through it all, I kept thinking how fortunate we are to live in this technological age, a time that allows us to connect, to listen, to learn from, to mourn alongside, to celebrate with, and especially, to be inspired by, voices from across the planet. What access we have! Each day, the world opens up before us in an unprecedented way. What communication, and what community, are possible for us now—if we choose to open ourselves to that communion, if we choose to explore our commonalities and to celebrate our differences, recognizing ourselves in each other, and honoring each day that we share here on Mother Earth. 

Nothing is promised us, beyond this day. How shall we use it? How can we cherish each precious, fragile passage under the sun? 

Here, at K'in, we hope to do our small part by creating an online home that focuses on, celebrates, and honors a diverse and inclusive range of voices, stories, and perspectives. 

We're so honored and happy to join you all in this K'inship. 

Mary Carroll-Hackett