Welcome to K'in! 

A Literary Journal Celebrating the Range and Diversity of  Voices Under Our One Sun


Editor's Note


Le chéile


ایک ساتھ




साथ में



No matter what language, no matter what corner of this precious planet we call home, we are facing dark and difficult days. And here at K'in, we believe that the power that will bring us through this darkness is remembering, despite what seems to divide us, that we are more alike than we are different.

The beautiful voices in this second issue of K'in reveal and explore the nuance, range, and tenderness, the fragility and the resilience, the work each day, of the miraculous state of being human. We thank our contributors for the honor of sharing their work. We're particularly excited to welcome and share the work from our Young Writers.

May we strive, each single day, to find reasons and ways to celebrate each other. May we find magic, rather than madness, in remembering that we are, in the end, all in this together.

Welcome to K'in, Issue 2. We're glad you're here.

Mary Carroll-Hackett