Fresh Water Reverse

     Someone who as recently been exposed
     to something
     after not being exposed
     at all
     and overdoes it to ridiculous proportions.

I took Chicago in my mouth         
I did not chew.                
I did not know I was supposed too.

When you leave your country for the first time*

Culture shock is the first thing
I am asked when I told people where I came from.
It is if there are cars
or if people travelled on horses.

The answer
polishes itself on its way out,
along with my thick Trini accent.
As a rebellion
i paint the entire city
in fluent dialect.

This is how you make english
alienese + klingon + elvis + patois + creole
use all of your slangs when you speak.

Never see come see
     A person who does not know
     that most of the islands of the Caribbean
     are english speaking.

     It is how you see yourself
     third word
     While the world sees you
     a shit hole



Deneka Thomas is a 25-year-old queer Caribbean Writer, Poet, Activist, Performer, and educator from Trinidad and Tobago. Her work has appeared in several journals such as The Shade Journal and Caribbean Medical Journal. Deneka's work is a mixture of advocating for women, LGBT rights, environmentalism and exploring culture and diaspora. She is forthcoming in The Same Journal.