If I capitalize God, then I capitalize Clock
and Ground and Shit and all Things else.
I invite all Things to Sound’s culmination,
purified by the distention of a Sign.

Is the loveliest word tears or cheek or glisten or dry
or I, or I, at the center of the orbit,
but all high words make shade unto themselves.
If i shrink fault and shore and day and sky, then i shrink i,
and all things else.

my phrase will not be constrained
or trusted to name, divide, or arrange
stones animate and idle, or build a pantheon of words.
there is no sense in this dressing, undressing,
in this nervous young world’s law.
it has come to pass that All is Big
and Just as Well, all is small.


Alexandra Kulik is a multi-media artist currently residing in Denver, CO. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the online literary publication Man in the Street Magazine, and you may find her work in various places online and in print.