What I need
Is a place amongst my Self
Wherein I may rest, hammocked,
Outside with the morning’s yellow jacket glaze
And the breeze of birdsong
Waking me toward morning grind and press
And lyric and crackling on iron.
Wherein some days, smaller voices cluck
Requesting a day at sea or wood
And I may smile and enact.
What I need is a place to study
And to sing and to stretch all matters
Of my being, wringing out the Truth.
But on other days, it will simply be
A place wherein I might allow my inner
Voice to quiet or else rage and pour
Forth in raucous sobs that quake
The support struts, the walls, but none else.
And in that place, I will again be reborn.


Marcelo Asher Quarantotto is an Argentine-American writer, musician, and filmmaker living in Richmond, Virginia, but originally from New York. Their work focuses on inner/outer transparency and transformation. Follow them online at www.marceloasherq.com and @marceloasherQ.