Little pink triangle she knows not what she has fucked
she bends about the little pink triangle fist full of

copper, fist full of a fable,
eye wet shut on a shot combo.

Index pricked thirsty, gloveless,
loveless, hair cut close to bone.

Little pink triangle she writes in her dirty book
the name we once knew

her poison corners leaking
lies and blessings

its corners make salt from sand she
fills the ticking hourglass

wound-wanting aside it
falls and falls extracting cyan from

seawater she is the master of it
saying "drink and be healthy"

simple as turning rust to honey
we build a bed of nothing.


C.J. Strauss is a transgender writer and artist currently pursuing their B.A. in English at Barnard College. Their art and writing has been published both internationally and domestically by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, The Claremont Review, Vade Mecum Magazine, GREYstone Youth Litmag, Echoes Literary Magazine, RATROCK Magazine, and the Barnard Bulletin. C.J. presently interns at the Poetry Society of New York where their responsibilities include social media management and community engagement.