In memory of Pulse

Just west of the badlands,
at the edge of mixed
marshland and boreal
forest, Sandhill cranes, cougar
and moose
inhabit an ephemeral landscape.
Herds of wild horses drift along
the horizon point,
trees break their outlines
into the memory of loss,
A sound,
like the truncated blow
of whale pods,
from the lead
stallion moves
the herd back
into dead space,
into vibratory structures
of light drifting through timber.

Their shy presence tugs
at the despair I feel
about human presence in such places,
at once an observer and a threat
to the delicate moment these
lives create with each breath.
I want to recede into
the negative space
inside the Jack pine and trembling aspen,
a ghost forest that only exists
when the herd stands perfectly still.


Bhodi Tims has worked in the herbal supplement and cannabis industries as a researcher and mentor. His book, The Acoustic Property of Ancient Peoples, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2018. He has recently published poems in The Blue Nib, Syzygy Poetry Journal and The Broadkill Review.