A whole boat of entangled
white veils, winding,
being so speedily turned over by the
so casually circled
a white swan’s birth in Tchaikovsky’s musical baton

feeding every motherly spoon from
the river Mekong,
infusing a further strand of nostalgia, swaying in some distant ripples...
all bundled in those lanes, further down,
& soon, apart

menus, just landed on the dining table,
all scribbled in foreign slangs,
I saw the rings of foreign mouths
geared, and fired to draw the bowl
all in, like an X-sport in waters,
spilling hotness and soup wherever they fall

and that me, hanging there for long,
just wanted a silent bowl of
thence a Saigon port, once parked,
now perfectly lost, in just a translation

bay leaves, chili and limes,
disorientated in a hydrophobic swim,
following the beats of shredded chicken and a groove of bean sprouts

all gathered on a steaming tongue,
rumbling, to take a careful sip,
of a couple more spoonful of wordings,
which would soon be digested, like the
distinctive smell that had since been
diluted, only,
to suit the foreign mouth


Solomon Au Yeung is currently an in-service teacher, working for a local primary school in Tai O, Lantau Island, this is his third year serving in the school. He finished his high school education in Diocesan Boys' School and his undergraduate studies (in Risk Management and Business Intelligence) in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). For his postgraduate study, apart from taking a PGDE in EdUHK, he is taking a part-time Master programme offered by University of Oxford, in Learning and Teaching. Not long ago, he discovered a new interest, and that is Writing Poems, a good way for him to relax and calm down. In his leisure time, he likes playing badminton, listening to music, watching movies and meeting up with friends. He also likes reading different kinds of books, ranging from biographies to sci-fi.