Why K'in? 

K'in is the part of the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar system which corresponds to one day. It is the smallest unit of Maya time to be counted, and it usually appears as the last glyph in a long count date. A common translation of the word means "one passage under the sun," and it is this translation that moves us, as editors, as readers, and as writers ourselves, the recognition of how, all over the planet, the stories, the poetry, the moment-to-moment memoirs, of what it means to be human are being written every day.

We are determined to do what we can to celebrate the breathtaking range of beauty and diversity to be found each day, under that one sun. Our goal is to create a publication that makes a place for that range, for those diverse experiences, particularly making space for marginalized and underrepresented voices. 

We are, all of us, so much more alike than we are different. We are, each of us, glorious, as glorious as that sun. And every voice matters. 

Lofty goal? Sure. But we're here, and we're listening. We want to hear from you. 



Editor-at-Large: Mary Carroll-Hackett

Featured Author Interviews: David Magill

Fiction Editors: Brandon Haffner, Beasa Dukes, Chad MacDonald

Nonfiction Editors: Amy Whipple, SarahGrace Gomez

Poetry Editors: Semein Washington, Jason Tsai

Young Writers Editors: Courtney Rose, Kaitlyn Crow

K’interns: Hannah Berenson, Thomas Orr, Alice King, Joel Worford