In a spell of dizziness, I think of your name,
your name as it is, La-ra, La-ra. Both sounds.
I incant your laugh,
hot, full, I incant
you, how you are,
how you are to me.
Take me tight in your young arms.
I want you here with me,
little you, when they ask me
to speak, to prove Iā€™m well,
and I say it, your name, almost lost to time,
both syllables, Lara, La-ra.


Lara Arikan is a rising high school senior from Ankara, Turkey. She makes electronic music on a rapidly aging computer. For two years she has been a columnist for Bilkent University's weekly newspaper Bilkent News. Her poems have appeared in Typishly, the online literary journal, Medusa's Laugh Press' third microtext anthology and the youth anthology of the Austin International Poetry Festival.