The moist seaweed was wedged between my chopsticks,
as my eomma speaks up with her dry, morning voice,
“Eat up, eat up.”
I slurp my seaweed soup,
then pick up that chili paste covered radish,
and place it my mouth, gently.
Look up, and see my brother’s cheeks giving up,
as he aggressively tries to fit one more radish
in his exploding mouth.
Eomma calmly whispers to slow down,
“take your time, there’s no rush.”
He replies back, “Huh?”
with mushed rice chunks and seaweed pieces
jumping out of his mouth.

My eyes half open,
as I watch the tiny ashes of the flame
flicker in the air
and the blinding knife
between the creamy confetti cake,
Happy Birthday echoing
through my left and leaving my right ear.


Ye Won Chang is a high school sophomore in the Philippines and was born in Korea. One of her life goals is to travel around the world and meet new people!