Forged from the treasures of Latin mines,
corroding from the sweet kiss of time,
this pendant hangs from my neck.

Belonging to my father
whose features I can barely recall,
a manifestation of lost memories.

Bound by the iron taste of blood, it is mine.
An omen of my kin.

It may look dulled by the cycle of seasons.
Or clad in the silvery curtain of youth,
but don’t be fooled

I am the second successor.
This little token I treasure,
serves as forgiveness for lost years.


Concrete Spoils

Pavement invaded with cracks,
windows bearing the mark of solitude,
the rusted nail scourged into the weathered oak.

Inside only a shadow of what once was,
the disease of neglect spreading to every corner of the room,
not a single creak of footstep.

As time shades the forsaken,
so too does it add coals to the fire of the earnest
headed full steam ahead towards a better life.

Elements of the old and broken make up the mortar
used to construct a happy home,
the mariachi sounds his joyous grito.


Diego Fernandez is a senior in high school. Diego lives in Michigan in a single-parent household. He is a fourth generation Mexican American as well as Italian and Polish. He is in creative writing class as well as AP Literature.