i have an adverse reaction to nyquil.
i see a yellow silhouette
of a man
and he just won’t leave me alone.

i think i’m haunted
i sleep with all the lights on
people may think it’s odd
i’m not in the habit of caring
who sleeps in my bed
but me

people say i can’t organize my thoughts
i have great command
of punctuation and line breaks
‘but she’s all over the place’
which either
is a metaphor for my life
or an excellent way of saying
you suck.
either way they aren’t fucking wrong
are they?

i suck the worst at two things,
and those are metaphors
and getting over my ex girlfriend.
so i guess i wouldn’t know
if the metaphor for me
was a disorganized poem
and i guess
i still can’t move on,
but that’s another poem
that i’ve written
64 times to date.

maybe talking about my allergies
wasn’t the best of feet to start off on.
maybe i’m not the best of feet
to start off on.
and maybe i do suck.
which is odd to admit,
in itself,
but i’m stuck
with myself
so i might as well
get used to it.


Abbie Hart is a fifteen year old high school student from Houston Texas. With her writing, she hopes to give insight into the healing process and also the thought processes of the modern teenager. She wants to show people through her writing that they are not going through their struggles alone.