It was mid-August. The typhoon
hit Suwon as expected.
The wind howled like
lost souls, shaking the windows,
Pleading for guidance.

Nobody was on the streets.
The sidewalk was splattered with rain
and the trees trembled under the swirling clouds.

I remember,
stepping outside the apartment building
thinking my spirit was indomitable.
In a few steps, my only defense
against the storm, an umbrella,
collapsed. Gravel and debris
flew at me like constellations
spiraling the milky way,
and I was a speck hardly visible.


Sungyoun (Michael) Jee is a student who has won awards in the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Writing Contest for his poetry as well as in the Scholastics Art & Writing Awards for his short story and poetry. He enjoys taking naps and eating pasta.