Sunshine Angel makes the sky turn orange

This goddess has halos wrapped around her wrists like one billion bracelets
She conducts light like no other
Luminescence in the darkest of places
an empty beach hours past closing

She is an illegal entity and it feels good to break the law

Lightningbug Princess conjures a storm of daffodil
and doesn’t believe in muted colors
She holds truth in the brightness of an ashen Helios
our shiniest Solis with his glistening skin

Next to the roaring sea Aurora reigns polar

Incandescence doesn’t bother to wipe her feet at the door
since the door was open to start with
There is no reason to knock
anyone would be honored to feel her glow

She cannot enter the ocean because she would burn it

Blazenlady controls her fate
with a ball of flaming fumes
Her beachy feet turn sand into glass at a tiptoe
and now she watches magma bow at her heels

Scalded woman does the scalding now
with a spherical wonder that hangs in the air
mimicking her seraphic fettle

Who can put that fire out?

Who would dare?


Elise Kelly is a seventeen-year-old high school dropout turned college sophomore majoring in creative writing (it's complicated). She swept the poetry category of the 2019 Leslie Sander's Writing Contest and has a published poem in Catalyst, a literary magazine.