the squelching sound when i step on the snow breaks the silence traces of me are marked on the fragile whiteness so white reflecting the green stain after rolling on a wet grassy hill the days where you and i were once colorful so colorful like the color of the leaves of sugar maple swirling around your bedroom window as if it was an invitation to a ball but now it is only the winter fairies and i left in this space where once it was flooding with you the wind croaks in and out the junk pile of memories dressed as a fairy like how the autumn leaves are stacked on a corner of a family’s front yard i watch it fade away like how the letters of a grandpa’s book blurs following the marks back home i pick up a purple glove you left behind and drop pine cones leaving marks for you


Minjung Kyun is a 16-year-old 10th-grade student from South Korea. She writes poetry about experiences from moving to different countries. She has been to seven different schools in five different countries.